Torjab for Chagkhar

Date: 8th September 2018
Place: Chagkhar Lhakhang, Bumthang


Bumthang is one of the most blessed land in Bhutan and considered a scared paradise on earth. The place was visited by many of the great Buddhist masters. Significantly Chagkhar Lhakhang is located at the centre in Bumthang. Towards the East has the self-arisen Sun and Moon. In the South has the self- emerged holy Treasure Vase and on the Western side of the temple has the self- emerged “Humkhung”a triangular Pit (where burnt offerings are made). Towards the North has the Palace of the Queen of King Sindhu Raja and towards the North-east direction has the“Latsho” the sacred lake of King Sindhu Raja.Terton Dorji Lingpa had built this Lhakhang strategically in the center of these directions in the 14th century.

In the 8th century, while the King Sindhu Raja was living in this spot of the present Lhakhang by building a nine storied castle, the local evil spirits and devils took away his soul and made him fell sick. The King Sinddu Raja then invited Guru Rinpoche to Bumthang, where Guru Rinpoche then had took back his soul from the evil spirits and devils’ King “Shelging Karpo” and restored the King Sindu Raja’s soul and recovered from his illness. Guru Rinpoche then had imparted the inner-most tantric teaching the great perfection to the King and his families at Kurjey Lhakhang, Jambay Lhakhang and at the Chagkhar, the King’s Palace.

Therefore, owing to the great significance and wonders of the Chagkhar Lhakhang and its location, Pema Tshoki the daughter of Chagkhar Lama has established this “Chagkhar Heritage Museum” on 5th September, 2017, to dedicate and commemorate the past good will activities of the ancestors and to give an opportunity for the general public to visit the Lhakhang and this heritage museum display.

 A Summery History of Chagkhar Lhakhang

Changkhar Lhakhang is the place where Guru Rinpoche has blessed in the 8th century. However, later the nine story castle of the King Sindhu Raja was destroyed to the dust by the Tibetan Emperor “King Langdarma”. Then in the 14th century, as per the prophesied of Guru Rinpoche, Terton Dorji Lingpa “the great treasure reveler” built the present three storied Chagkhar Lhakhang on this spot where the castle stood. The sacred objects in the Lhakhang are several holy treasures discovered by Terton Dorji Lingpa as well as the footprint of Tashi Kheudren.

As per the prophesied, Terton Dorji Lingpa also renovated the Jampa Lhakhang and conducted the consecration ceremony and subdued the evil spirits and devils. Since then, every year, the Chagkhar lamas have been conducting the Jampa Lhakhang Drub on the 9th month and 15th day of the Bhutanese calendar for 5-days. During the time of the Drub, the sacred objects of the Chagkhar Lhakhang are taken in a ceremonial procession to the Jampa Lhakhang where they are displayed for public viewing. Today the Jampa Lhakhang Drub is one of the most widely known ceremonies in the country.

Stupas, A Record Of History

One salient feature of the sacred site are the several unique stupas in front of the Lhakhang built by Terton Dorji Lingpa in 14th Century. These stupas are called

  • Zhugthri Choeten” Guru’s Seat.
  • The mountain facing in front of the Chagkhar is like the three mouths of the Scorpion. The 3-headed stupas are built to counterforce the evilness of the Scorpion.
  • The stupa located in the middle of the field is built as the stupa of the cremation ground of olden times.
  • The stupa known as the Khangzang Choeten is built to counterforce against the disaster of the flood.
  • The (Mani Dangrim) long stupa is built to counterforce evil of white rocky Cave facing in front of Chagkhar Lhakhang.
  • The other two stupas are known as the stupa of the Khandros the “Dakinis” and all these stupas can be seen even today.

The Living Heritage Museum of Chagkhar

Welcome to the Chagkar Living Heritage Museum. The museum is established in order to display the artifacts belonging to the descendants of Chagkhar Lama and also to offer a show of the temple built by Terton Dorji Lingpa.

Among the three stories of the Lhakhang, the ground floor has the old artifacts which are displayed in four different rooms.

The first room has artifacts made out of bamboo.

The second room has things those were used during rituals and traditional costumes and ornaments.

The third room has a granary, saddlery, various farming tools of olden days.

The fourth room has a traditional kitchen which includes various utensils and kitchen items.

The second floor of the Lhakhang contains the sacred masks which are used for the Jampa Lhakhang Drub during the masked dances. It is also used as a guest house during the time of the festivals.

The top floor of the Lhakhang is the main Altar and houses the statues and Holy Scriptures.

As the Chagkhar Lhakhang is not only old and significant but also holy sacred place, we wish for all the visitors of this Lhakhang and museum to be blessed with good health and long live, and may all of your wishes be fulfilled and achieve the unlimate enlightenment for the benefit of all the sentient beings.

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